Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to install a built-in recovery rom with Nandroid backup/restore

Amon_RA and Cyanogen on xda-developers have done some excellent work building a recovery rom with root, recovery mode, and Nandroid Backup and Restore functionality.

The latest 1.1.1 version works on both HTC (PVT32A) and Google (PVT32B) magics and you can find the files to download and instructions on xda-developers.

So what can you do with a recovery rom and why do you want it?

Well.. the nicest thing with this is that you don't really need a PC to install roms and fastboot. Once you've flashed the recovery rom on your phone you can jump into it at any time by powering it off, and using HOME + POWER.

It also has root - so you can install files/etc on your rom without actually needing root access on the rom itself.
And lastly.. you can backup and restore your phone at any point using Nandroid.

Pretty cool - definitely recommend this to you all!


  1. Great info!!

    I've done it on my Magic! Tks!

  2. Hiya

    Sorry but I'm new to this.
    When you say you don't need a PC, how do flash the recovery rom over to the device??? Do you just put it on the SD Card?? Copy it to a Dir??

    Do you still have to follow your steps below?

    Many Thanks

  3. Heh.. you don't need a PC to kick off the recovery rom ONCE you've installed it. But to install the recovery rom initially you still need a PC ;)

    Handy if you want to backup your phone at some point or apply updates you've downloaded directly on your phone. Just download, rename as update.zip - then power off - press HOME+POWER to kick it into recovery mode and apply update.

  4. Hiya,

    So how do I get the recovery rom onto the device?
    Can I just put it on the SD-Card?

    I think I've been reading too much and now I'm confused...