Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Video of HTC Hero on Magic in action


  1. Hi,

    Love your blog! This might sound basic, but can you use Android Marketplace in Asia, say Malaysia? I always thought all you needed was a Gmail acc, but some forums seem to suggest the Marketplace isn't open to countries outside US and Europe. True? Thinking of getting HTC Magic, and would be total bummer if I couldn't use the apps from Marketplace.

    Huge thanks!


  2. Hi Jon,

    Glad you're enjoying my blog - figured I'd document my adventures so others could follow in my footsteps a little easier ;)

    As far as I'm aware, the Android Market will work anywhere in the world for free applications. It's only when it comes to paid and protected apps that it's restricted to regions. I actually don't have access to the paid/protected parts of the Marketplace myself - it seems to be opened up on a carrier by carrier basis.
    You can get around this using the Market-Enabler application - which lets you 'fake' any region of the world by pretending to be on one of their carriers - see my post about it.
    To be honest I haven't found a huge need to have paid apps - and so far I've not found any I actually want to spend money on - there's a huge collection of free applications out there and I'm happy with those for the moment :)

  3. Thanks heaps for that. Just out of curiosity, how is your experience of the Android Marketplace? Is it easy to sort out the useful apps from the ones that aren't so useful, esp since they've made the process of uploading apps so open?

  4. Yeah, the sheer number of apps makes it a little overwhelming - search is invaluable, and I find the reviews and comments other people put in is the best way to evaluate apps.
    I also still look for apps mentioned by word of mouth by other Android users - and lastly - if I see anything reviewed that looks cool I'll look it up.

    Lastly, most websites that review Android apps give QR codes - which you can read with the barcode application and jump straight to them in the Android marketplace just by pointing your phone camera at them. This saves you time as you don't need to search for it, nor do you need to type in a url ;)