Friday, June 26, 2009

Updating the splash screen on your HTC Magic

So you have an appropriate image you want to use for your phone:

Perhaps something like this one?

To copy this onto your Magic you need to first install busybox.
Busybox is basically a small, but powerful shell that contains hundreds of standard linux commands.. like free, top, ipconfig, cp, rm, etc. You'll find it incredibly useful and invaluable once installed.

So if you have busybox installed you can install the splash screen above by first saving your image (like the one above) as boot.gif in your sdk tools directory (or any directory if you have that the android sdk tools in your path!) and use:

adb remount
adb shell busybox cp system/media/boot.gif /sdcard
adb shell busybox rm -r system/media/boot.gif
adb push boot.gif /system/media/boot.gif
adb shell reboot

This will make a backup of your existing boot screen, remove the one off the system (or it's readonly) - and then push a new one out in it's place - and finally reboot the phone so you can see it!

Please note that this is not the first splash screen that comes up.. it's like the third or something.. the one that displays when it makes a sound.


  1. Hi. Your blog helped me a lot with my new Magic.

    I've installed Hero UI on my Magic but now I have 3 splash screen and the second one it's ugly: G1 T-Mobile.

    Do you know how to change it?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi.. I just installed HTC HERO ROM on my magic. it works perfect but the wireless which i tried to do it, it doesnt work.. could u please guide me.. I really appreciate..

  3. Hey, can u make this animation end with a fade out ? like the hero bootscreen ? plz thnx