Thursday, June 25, 2009

My hard shell case for my HTC Magic arrived today.

It's actually not too bad, much better than the silicon style cases in my opinion - as they tend to collect dust/dirt/sweat underneath and scratch the hell out of the phone. This one doesn't cover the front at all, so doesn't interfere with touchscreen/buttons at all which is good, but its protects the edges and back from scratches and has a kinda smooth rubbery feel.
It actually comes in two parts and clicks together to surround your HTC Magic phone, so it holds together pretty well, though it has no clips at the bottom though which means I get a slight gap of 1mm or so there.
I was more interested in the screen protector I got with this purchase to be honest - it cost me AUD$7 including shipping to get this cover and a screen protector, and the price of 3 screen protectors was much the same - so figured I'd see whether this was any good.
I ended up deciding to get an InvisibleSHIELD from ZAGG for the Magic not longer after I ordered this though - I've heard great things about them but never given them a go - but I really love this phone and so decided to do it this time around ;)


  1. I ordered the same case and had the same problem with the gap at the bottom. Sent the seller an email with photos and they sent out a replacement hard case plus two silicon cases. Unfortunately the gap is still there with the new case, but like you said its better than the silicon ones.

    I found the screen protector not to be the best and have order one from somewhere else, which I'm still waiting for.

  2. Hi Keith,

    I made the mistake of trying to take mine off the phone to show someone the phone without it on Saturday and the little clip snapped off - so I barely had it for a day before it was gone.

    I ordered a Zagg InvisibleShield for my HTC Magic which arrived yesterday though, and will be looking at putting that on soon instead. Means it'll have scratch protection but no real protection from being dropped or anything.
    I got the full body InvisibleShield though and it's a full on production to put it on it looks like! Will post info/photos when I do it!